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The Diploma in Digital Marketing allows you to take your career to a new level and become sought after by businesses of all sizes.


The Diploma in Digital Marketing allows you to take your career to a new level and become sought after by businesses of all sizes.  Our delivery of this in-depth, comprehensive City & Guilds accredited qualification is through webinars and e-learning courses with a high level of personalised support so can be taken wherever in the world you happen to be. If you want to complete a recognised digital marketing qualification but you don’t qualify for an apprenticeship scheme, this is the qualification for you.

Why Complete the City & Guilds Diploma in Digital Marketing Qualification?

Distinguish yourself from your peers with professional, practical knowledge of the use of digital marketing in a business.  During the course, which is assessed through a portfolio of evidence, you will cover practical use of the entire range of digital marketing channels including WordPress websites, Email Newsletters, Social Networking, Videos, Mobile, and E-books as well as marketing theories and principles including competitor analysis, market audits, marketing strategy and planning, policies and content planning. Learning is covered in a practical way so you can immediately apply what you are learning to your real work situation.

25 reviews for Diploma in Digital Marketing Qualification

  1. Anna Whitehouse

    The Diploma in Digital Marketing has surpassed all of my expectations. As well as gaining new skills in social media marketing, social media strategy, blogging, video, analytics, marketing principles and more, I’ve learned how to create and update a WordPress website. I now have a business website I’m proud of and skills that will enable me to offer new services to my clients.

    Apart from the content, the best thing about taking this qualification has been the personal support I’ve received from my tutor, Mary. She was always on hand to help me when I needed advice and she provided super encouraging feedback throughout the course.

    I really enjoyed the flexibility of studying online for this course, but I also loved the live webinars led by Mary and Di, as they were engaging and interactive. The course modules were packed with up to date information and explained everything clearly. I love the fact that I still have access to the online modules, as I’m sure I’ll be going back over them in the future.

  2. Matthew Earp

    I have recently completed the Diploma in Digital Marketing with Concise Training. My main motivation was to create a website for my business. My learning journey has been amazing, I have picked up a lot of skills and knowledge.

    I found the online learning easy to digest and the assignment’s though challenging weren’t laborious.

    Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to my tutor Di.

  3. Natalie Dolan

    I have spent the last 12 to 18 months studying for my diploma in digital marketing.

    I love the set up of the course which is a combination of an online portal with access to E-modules, resources, assignments and projects as well as monthly Webinars with virtual learning presented by either Mary Thomas or Di Dawson.

    There is also a Facebook group for the students to post in as well as email support during the course.

    The best thing being that you get access to the course after your studies are completed and access to any updates! Mary will also happily support you via email after the course, when you get your first client or your just confused or need clarity about something she will be on hand to help give you advice, support and feedback when needed.

    The course covers alot of variety from an Introduction to Business Principles, Marketing Audits, Marketing Strategy, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Advertising Campaigns, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Blogging and more.

    I now feel confident in selling done for you services to clients within a range of different package prices and budgets and business industries.

    I now have a completed website and as well as social media channels set up including Youtube. Youtube isn’t covered in this course but a great deal on Video Marketing is.

    Overall I have really enjoyed the course and felt that I got incredible support.

    This course is suitable for those wanting to become freelancer social media managers and marketing strategists as well as those who work for other companies that may need to be involved within social media as part of their job role.

    Many Thanks for your support Mary Thomas and Di Dawson.

  4. Arthur Gun Cuninghame

    Excellent course. Very comprehensive. The tasks and webinars are engaging and thought-provoking. My assessors provided me with excellent support and guidance. She always made herself available when needed. The dedication of my assessor as well as the quality of the curriculum, are the real strength of the course. I felt that everything was tailored for me. I feel ready for the next stage in my career.

  5. Carlton Prescott

    When I first came across this training online, I thought I already knew it all, I was wrong. Immediately I saw social media in greater detail, and my mistakes became obvious. I grasped the course and the chance to improve my intermediate knowledge to a higher level. I didn’t want a career in social media marketing. I did want to improve my skills for my own business, and I was not disappointed. The course expands social media in nearly every aspect and is not overwhelming at all. I am glad that I have spent the investment and time to complete your social media course. I am excited to have already seen the positive results. Big thanks to the Concise team. Even though I have completed my course with you, I will remain in regular contact. Thanks

  6. Anne Townsend

    It has been a privilege to be part of this course, high quality training in the charity sector is hard to come by and often out of reach of our finances. Mary and Di’s up to the minute teaching and guidance has certainly improved not only my knowledge of digital marketing but also helped me understand better, the culture of marketing. It has been a steep learning curve but now I have finished the course I feel much better equipped to market our charity in digital media and how to make the most of the time I have available to spend on these activities.

    I hope that over time as I implement my learning we will be able to reach new financial supporters to help make our work sustainable. Also to reach new service users, finding those young people and parents that are struggling in silence and giving them their first glimmer of hope that someone is here to help them.

  7. Mary Thomas

    Thank you Hannah – we are glad you have gained so much from the course.

  8. Hannah

    The team at Concise have been incredibly supportive during my time studying with them. The opportunity has provided me with invaluable experience that will long term not only benefit my professional development at a time where I could not afford to invest in my development, but also will largely bring benefit to the small charity that I work for.

    The learning gained has already supported the development of our channels and exploring new ways in which we communicate with our audiences, and will in the coming year support the strategical development of the organisation during a period of significant growth and opportunity.

    Seeing the improved growth, engagement and outcomes of our work over the last two years has already proved the impact that new learning from this course can bring to a not-for-profit organisation.

  9. Mary Thomas

    Thank you Diane. It was a pleasure to work with you.

  10. Diane Payne

    I recently completed Concise Training’s Diploma in Digital Marketing and it presented me with a great opportunity to upgrade and update my marketing skills. The course material was rigorous but provided in-depth insight not only on social media management, website development, and creating content, but also on the basics of business and marketing management. The course equips you with practical skills, and I am able to apply my new-found “talent” not only at my place of work but also in my personal life. Thanks to Mary, Di and Steve for their dedication and support! I highly recommend this course.

  11. Steve Beavis

    Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.

  12. LJ

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive Digital Marketing course, look no further, Concise will give you the right knowledge and put you right on your Digital Marketing career path. I can’t recommend tutors Di and Mary enough.

  13. Maddy

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time completing the Digital Marketing Diploma. Mary was always there to support me and offer any guidance whenever i needed it, and the course content was of a very high standard. I would recommend it to anyone looking to become qualified in this area. Thank you Mary and team!

  14. Emily McClelland

    I wanted to do this course to develop my knowledge in the digital marketing field beyond that of social media. I have found the course to be very in-depth covering all bases. The support throughout the course has been brilliant from any help required to keeping me on track. The information available on the online portal and Facebook group is also invaluable. I am extremely glad I have completed this course and feel in a much better position to take on future marketing tasks.

  15. Bryan Larkin

    I cannot thank Mary and Di enough for the opportunity and assistance to successfully complete the Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing.

    The course matches the brand name and if it is a concise, thorough and detailed qualification you want to embark on to maximise your digital skills then I highly recommend the course offered here, by Concise Training Ltd.

    It has allowed me to move confidiently into a freelance role, helping individuals, businesses and events amplify their own messages online.

    I live an alternative lifestyle and work remotely from the comfort of my home. (Or the beach or a cafe…)

    It would of been a much slower journey if I had tried to do it alone.

    So if you really want to accelerate your skills and become your own boss, or perhaps become a subject matter expert in your organisation, this diploma will help you get there.

    With oodles (yes that is a word) of support from Mary and Di, you will never feel alone and what should feel like education, soon starts to feel like a hobby.

    A hobby which then turns into a profession.

    Thank you to all the Concise Training team. 5*

    • Steve Beavis

      Thanks for your kind comments Bryan!

  16. Hilary Nightingale

    I studied for my Digital Marketing Diploma from home, whilst working full time. I found Mary and Di very approachable with any stumbling blocks I came across, with Mary even visiting me in my office for a quick 1:1 lesson. The workload was entirley manageable, despite running a household with two busy teenagers, a husband and a dog demanding attention! Thank you to the Concise team for my certification, it is highly valuable to me, my MD and therefore my clients.

  17. Renford

    Very proud to receive from Mary Thomas of Concise Training my City & Guilds Diploma in Digital Marketing. At 59, I am not too old to learn about digital marketing. It took 2 1/2 years and both Di Dawson and Mary Thomas were very supportive in my journey of learning and development. I was attracted to this diploma course because it is accredited by Ofqual and a credible qualification that is recognised here in the UK and Overseas. I urge anyone reading this “you are never too old to learn” and follow your dreams to success.

  18. Paul Campbell

    I’ve recently completed the diploma in digital marketing course and would very much recommend this to anyone who is looking into this currently, I found the course to be flexible whilst challenging and Mary and Di provided excellent support throughout the journey. During the delivery of the course the content and rules and behaviours of social and digital marketing changed quickly and I always felt that the regular bulletins and the catch-ups on the webinars to go over these changes was beneficial as it allowed me to keep updated with these changes, some of which had been initially implemented in the states and were soon to be updated on UK platforms (in my roles this provided an important heads-up). During the course, I changed job roles and again Mary and Di were flexible and supportive which I really appreciated. I’ll remain a keen follower of concise on all platforms, thanks again!

    • Steve Beavis

      Many thanks for your comments Paul.

  19. Daniel Jones

    I have just completed the City & Guild Diploma in Digital Marketing. It has been an excellent course and given me lots of experience in different areas of digital marketing. Mary and Di have been fantastic with their support and help. This qualification will open a lot of doors and opportunities for me. I am so glad I chose to do this course and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

  20. Shaheen Gould

    I have recently finished my Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing. My tutor was Mary and I have only praise for her support and encouragement throughout the course. It took me slightly longer to complete my 18 months course as I slipped my disc two months into the course, and Mary was instrumental in allowing me to take a break and restart when I was better. After 10 years as a stay at home mum ( albeit an expat wife also), the course not only allowed me to bring my skillset bang up to date but also gave me the confidence to get back out into the workforce, which is half the battle when you are trying to find a new job. The course allowed me to raise my profile on Social Media and as I graduate from this course, I have walked away with a year freelancing work which came from the strong profile I had developed on Linkedin throughout this course. I can not thank Mary and Di enough for the brilliant course structure, and all the support throughout the last 20 months. The best thing is the support does not end once the course is completed and I know that I only have to email or call for advice and I will have help on hand. Thank you Concise Training for getting me back out to the workforce.

  21. Harry

    I would just like to take the time to say a huge thank you to Di, Mary and the team at Concise Training. I have just completed the level 3 diploma in Digital Marketing and I really did enjoy taking part in this course. I have learned so much throughout the course including how to manage online presence, creating my own website, social media strategies, content marketing plans, how to edit photos and videos, competitor analysis and so much more. I have developed my knowledge and expanded my skills in the digital marketing world which I will now be able to put to good use to support the organisation I work for. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is keen to learn more about Digital Marketing and wants to expand on their skills and knowledge for work purposes or individual use. I also would like to thank Di and Mary for the supportive feedback provided throughout the assignments and webinars.

  22. Olga Midgley

    “I’ve only been a student with Concise Training for 3 months,and I already have an offer to manage an emerging brand account.(and 2 local smaller businesses expressed an interest in hiring me).
    Thanks to Mary and her team’s thought-provoking, analytical and inspired
    approach, timely feedback and friendly support, I have a chance to complement
    my MBA Certificate with most up-to-date digital skills.”

  23. Novaline Brewster

    Excellent exposure to social media. Useful for my work even though I am not a small business employee. Helped me to understand the basics of social media, while refreshening my marketing knowledge. Mary and Di were always accessible.
    Thank you.

  24. Kashim

    I have completed my City and Guilds Diploma in Digital Marketing, and it was a fantastic and remarkable learning journey for me. I found the subject of digital marketing with Concise insightful, highly flexible and enlightening. It certainly helped me to put my irrational fears of social/digital media platforms to one side and appreciate their infinite possibilities. The themes and topics explore everything you would expect from such a high-level course such as planning effective social media campaigns, right through to tapping one’s hidden creative talents when it comes to producing a video. The skills, knowledge and practical experience from the course has already opened up new avenues and opportunities both on a personal and professional level for me. I am indebted to the inspirational support and pivotal guidance from my personal tutor Di Dawson who framed my whole learning and development experience on this course – and there to give me a prod when I needed it. I also have to say a big thank you to Mary Thomas, The professional style and approach adopted by Mary in delivering and presenting the course materials e.g. webinars are engaging and refreshing. If you are considering a career in Digital Marketing then I strongly recommend this course with Concise Training as your first stop your professional career ladder.

  25. Sandra Boyd

    I found myself at a crossroads in my life and decided I needed something useful to concentrate on. I’m 44 and haven’t studied at all other than GCSE’s so was really concerned about not being good enough. I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I completely immersed myself in the course and to my surprise really enjoyed every aspect. Mary and the team were supportive from the beginning for the full 18 months of my huge learning curve. They were flexible with their time and happy to talk to me at any time of day or night. The knowledge I’ve gained has allowed me to create a brand in women’s Mountain Biking that is now recognised in the industry by many. I even received a highly commended certification from the Festival of Learning. For a complete novice at academia i’m proud. Digital marketing has many different aspects which in today’s world are invaluable to understand. The sky’s the limit once you have the skills. Thank you so much Concise training!

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