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With this LinkedIn online course you can learn how you can develop and market your personal brand and that of your business using LinkedIn.


With this LinkedIn online course you can learn how you can develop and market your personal brand and that of your business using LinkedIn. Find, contact, and engage with important business contacts and potential customers. Get recommendations and attract new business.

This CPD accredited course will teach you what you need to know to make the most of LinkedIn as a marketing platform for either your business or your own personal brand.

Why Complete Our LinkedIn Online Course?

Awarded 11 CPD Points upon successful completion of this course.

Concise Training’s social media courses are updated every 6 months, come with unlimited tutor support and the cost includes your assessment and certificate.

Download the syllabus document here.

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10 reviews for LinkedIn Online Course

  1. Diane Payne

    I took the LinkedIn for Business course as part of my Digital Marketing Diploma. It was very comprehensive, in depth and practical. I gained much knowledge from it and was able to apply my learnings immediately!

  2. Helen Johns

    Thank you so much for this great course on LinkedIn, Mary! It was very thorough, well put together, and easy to understand. I thought that completing the Assessment for CPD purposes afterwards was also instructive , and made me think about how I would use LinkedIn more proactively from now on. I agree with another reviewer that it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or someone who has been on LinkedIn for some time (like me) – you still get a lot out of doing the course and it is well worth the time it takes to do it.

  3. Aoife Griffin (verified owner)

    A fantastic interactive course, with great insights into how I can really utilise LinkedIn for business purposes and get the most out of it! I would definitely recommend.

    • Jonathan Chorlton

      Hi Aoife, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the course. Thanks Jonathan

  4. Alex Dean (verified owner)

    Great course, really inciteful and well written! For someone like me who uses LinkedIn on a day to day basis I didn’t realise how many quick wins there were and how many more opportunities I could utilise.

    I’d highly recommend the course no matter your level of LinkedIn understanding.

    • Jonathan Chorlton

      Hi Alex, thank you for your review. It’s great to hear that the LinkedIn course has been beneficial for you. Thanks

  5. Renata Lovat Short (verified owner)

    This is a very thorough and well put together course. It made me realise how little I knew about Linked-In and how to use it effectively- its opened up a whole new world! Wish I’d done this course years ago.

    • Jonathan Chorlton

      Hi Renata, many thanks for your review. Glad to hear you enjoyed the course. It sounds like you got plenty out of it. Thanks

  6. Debbie Hayes (verified owner)

    Ive just completed this course. I have had a linkedin profile for 10 years, but didnt really know how to use it or update it properly. After completing this course, i completed the changes recommended and have already reaped the benefits. Good for business, but also good for individual profiles.

    • Jonathan Chorlton

      Thank you for your feedback, Debbie! It’s great to hear that the LinkedIn course has helped you already.

  7. Annie Thompson

    Many of us have a starter LinkedIn in page but not much more than that – but with Mary’s training course you can develop your LinkedIn profile and therefore your business profile. Clealy very knowledable on her subject I can highly recommend Concise Training to anyone that would like to know more. With no more than 5 in her group Mary offers an individual approach, very easy to get on with and no question is too silly for her.
    Added to that is the coffee, biscuits and pastries – a combination that is hard to resist!

  8. James Griffin (verified owner)

    Before starting the course I didn’t know too much about Linkedin but completing it has given me a great insight in to how to get the most out of it. It is quite interactive and gives great tips and ideas throughout. Mary Thomas was very helpful and overall I found the course very enjoyable. Therefor I would definitely recommend the LinkedIn online course.

  9. Llinos Thomas

    I had a fairly respectable individual profile before doing this course, but had no idea what was visible to who and how I could control this.
    Also, there was a lot going on that I didn’t understand, and I tended to stick to my profile page and not use anything else.
    This course explains all the functions of LinkedIn, how to control your visibility and privacy, and explains how and why you should use it.
    It takes you through how to do everything step by step, but you can go through it all at your own pace if you’re more proficient.
    I think everyone could learn more about how to use LinkedIn more effectively by doing this course.
    I’m adding a Business profile to my individual profile now, and can really see where I’m going with it for the first time.”

  10. Jennifer Corcoran

    I recently finished the LinkedIn for Business module and found it very useful.
    The course is online based (4 hours roughly) however with the use of interactive links and You tube videos you feel quite connected and engaged and you can take the course at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
    Mary Thomas the trainer is highly personable and is happy to answer any additional enquiries by email if necessary.
    I would fully recommend and am looking forward to completing more Social Media modules.

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