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Now in its 5th edition, Social Media Made Simple contains exercises, checklists and more – take action today!



Mary Thomas’ Social Media Made Simple book is endorsed by City & Guilds, and is a vital guide to using Social Media effectively.  Now in its 5th edition, Social Media Made Simple contains exercises, checklists and more – take action today!

“Mary’s Social Media Made Simple Book is a must have for any business owner”

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10 reviews for Social Media Made Simple Book

  1. Darren

    Excellent read. Well written but easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone interested in this field.

  2. Masooma Hussain

    Very useful book.Well presented. All necessary informations are described in an interesting way.

  3. Sarah

    The book was very well written

  4. Russell Kirk

    I have one of Mary’s books, they are highly recommend.”

  5. Viv Bryan

    I found this book extremely useful, it provides a good overview of the social media tools currently available, their unique attributes together with examples and lots of useful tips. It’s a must have for any SME or sole trader wanting formulate a practical marketing plan to promote their business online, engaging with their customers and increasing their ROI by using Social Media effectively.Social Media Made Simple: How to Avoid Social Media Suicide

  6. Catherine

    Loving your book. Really digesting every bit of it – so much to learn.

  7. Simon Badman

    As a social media trainer, I feel Mary has captured the key principles for anyone thinking of applying social media to their organisation.

  8. Caroline Williamson

    Whether you’re new to this stuff or fairly experienced, this book helps structure your thinking and put a business edge on it. And if you want to influence others it produces some great tips. Excellent too as a pre-read to a workshop, most of it won’t date for years.

  9. L. MacDonald

    The perfect reference book to dip in and out off as a refresher for the many different social media platforms covered, or to follow the practical methodology from cover to cover to help produce your social media strategy. Mary Thomas a highly respected and leading UK authority on the subject shares her extensive knowledge of the subject in this essential “social media bible” – anyone who uses social media in any shape or form should own a copy, you will not need anything else – unless she produces a follow up!

  10. Louise Wightman

    Social Media is about 70% of what I do for a living, I purchased this book as soon as it came out, in fact I pre-ordered it as I was aware of Mary’s work. The book not only covers social media, but makes you think about marketing & the bigger picture re link building (which could be considered SEO). You get templates to use & lots of diagrams to help you make sense of it all & how it all fits together. Mary talks in plain English, but very intelligently. Necessary book for any professional person looking to make an impact.

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